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The Ramblers promotes rambling, protects right of way, campaigns for access to open country and defends the beauty of the countryside.

Roadworks at Handy Cross 17-18 March

We welcome visitors on our walks but after two or three walks ask you to join the Ramblers. As well as a regular programme of walks varying in length from 3.5 - 12 miles, we publish local walks guides, organize coach connected walks and long distance walks in stages.

Loading Photographic Albums with Facebook

Step 1: Join Facebook - its free and you can keep your exposure to other people to a minimum will lead you through the process of choosing an ID etc.

Step 2: Create an Album

There is a panel at the left hand side of your Facebook page with various clickable icons and text
For example, "News Feed", "Messages", "More"
You should click on the option "Photos"; if it is not there, click on "More" and it should appear

When you click on "Photos", the right hand panel changes and offers you the option to "Upload Photos". Click on this and it will invite you to navigate on your computer to a location containing photos. It will automatically create an album with today's date as the name. You can change this name afterwards. You should also accept the default behaviour to reduce the quality to "Standard". If you choose to restrict the "Share album with" to "Friends", make sure you are a friend of the webmaster, currently When done, click "Create Album". You can also attach labels to the photos. Please also note that the sort order will default to "Newest to oldest", which probably be the reverse of what you want for our purposes. So change this. Finally, click "Publish"

Step 3: Let the webmaster know or via Facebook. If you are a "friend" of the webmaster, this will be automatic when you "Publish" the album.

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