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Minor diversion agreed for Cookham FP 33

December 13 2017

The path runs across Winter Hill golf course and it is proposed to make a slight change to re-route it around the tractor shed on health and safety grounds. This does not seem controversial and EBR support the change.

Proposed diversion to Sunninghill FP 2 at Cheapside

December 13 2017

This path runs between Silwood Farm Gate and Cheapside Road. The landowners, Imperial College, are proposing a significant diversion although no formal application has yet been made. A meeting with their agent has been arranged for 11 January to discuss the proposals in more detail and hopefully walk the proposed new line.  I will walk the existing path before then and report back to the committee in due course.

Path improvement agreed for West Maidenhead

December 11 2017

West Maidenhead FPs 58, 65a and 68a

Andrea Doolan, the Path Warden for West Maidenhead, reported a number of issues with these paths. They are very poorly defined and become very overgrown in spring and throughout the summer. Signage could also be better. We walked these paths and sent a report to RBWM who responded very promptly, saying they increase the frequency of clearance and have a major winter cyt back to properly reinstate them. They will consider our signage suggestions and get back to us.

So, if you come across a problem let us know: things can get sorted!

North Town Moor path improvements

October 18 2017

Maidenhead FP 12, 16 and 19

Changes to these paths, which EBR supported, have now been formally agreed by RBWM. This will mean improved path widths and surfaces and an end to the unsightly metal ‘stiles’ installed by Summerleaze.

Sunday, July 22, 2018