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About us

Our walks programme

Our programme is published three times a year and is viewable on line. It is also available in downloadable form. We aim to provide a good variety of walks, from very leisurely ‘strollathons’ to more strenuous walks of up to 12 miles. We also organise a number of social events throughout the year.

Our aims

East Berks Ramblers is part of the Ramblers Association, the charity and representative body for walkers. For over 75 years Ramblers have been campaigning throughout Great Britain to protect the natural beauty of the countryside, promote walking and safeguard public access to rights of way. We support these and other objectives of the Ramblers; more information can be found on the Ramblers website. (Insert link to Ramblers here)

Berkshire has an excellent network of public rights of way and access land, due in large part to the work undertaken by East Berks Ramblers in previous years.  One of our main aims is to ensure all rights of way are kept open and well maintained. We fully support the extension of the network wherever possible and reasonable. To this end we carry out path surveys, maintenance work and lobby for improvements. We attend local shows and other events to promote walking and publish local walks guides and footpath maps.

We work closely with other local groups and the local authority to further our aims and ensure the views of walkers are taken into account in public decision making.

Thursday, January 17, 2019